Terror Tuesday!

I guess I'm not as hep as I thought I was for I went to Google and typed in the words "Zombie Hello Kitty" expecting a smattering of hits. Little did I know that there is an entire subculture of over 2,000,000 Living Dead Kitty fans.

My favourites of the bunch would have to be the Zombie bento, the innumerable Zombie tattoos, a very graphic Piggy Bank, several cake and cupcakes and your very own do-it-yourself Cubee! Check this out and learn to draw your own...

Why did I type in Zombie Hello Kitty, you might ask? Well, because I have added a few of the Necro-Neko to my collection!

This forlorn feline is part of a collection of eight Kitty-creatures and was somewhat unrecognizable until you see its sagging eyeball.

Here we have キティ(Kitty), her sister ミミィ(Mimi) and a bear-pal, ティッピー(Tippy). There are others in the collection but at 3 bucks a pop, I don't want to chase them down. They're done by Mad Barbarians and you can always send away for your own!

Not exactly terrifying to be featured on Terror Tuesday but what can you do?

Let's check out another spooky cat, Neko Musume from Gegege's world. She's gotta be scary, right?

Not too spooky, I must admit.

Let's end today with a Kit of a different Kat, Gateau du Mont-Blanc flavoured KitKats! Not very Halloween oriented but the cake looks a little bit like brains!

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