If The Shoe Fit's!

Every now and then I sit back and watch a dozen Fit's commercials and/or the Lotte-fans who emulate them. If you check out this link you can see a few including where it all began. For those of you too lazy to link it, here is the Origin of the Species:

One more time with subtitles!

This one is unembeddable and this one includes the Nishirokugo chorus:

Now, here are some Fit's with a Halloween flair!

Not exactly scary, but I appreciate the effort.

How Michael Myers and Zombies keep Fit's!

Not scary, but it is unusual.

Ahhh! The Alien Cosplayers have landed!

It must be a full moon!

Those Oni in the background look pretty spooky but is that a tampon dancing in the first one?

Maid to order...

Why let the lady Cosplayers have all the fun?

I'll end with this one, Ichabod Crane would be proud!

Because I made you sit through all of those, here's a real treat. It's an actual Ken, the Wolf-boy episode!

TVアニメ 「狼少年ケン」 第1話 ep1 tv jp old... 投稿者 dr0scout1

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