Kowai Kawaii Kuma Kaiyoubi!

Or Scary Cute Bear Tuesday! Unfortunately, not every bear can be as scary as Gloomy Bear. Today I picked up UFO caught a pair of Rirakuma Halloween bears. Much as I hate to admit it, there is a portion of Halloweeners that like the cute over the creepy. Not much cuter than Rirakuma, I must say.

There has been a rash of Rirakuma stuff out lately, such as these Clear Files that are free with the purchase of two snacks. Although not Halloweenish in nature, if anyone wants one, I'll send it along to you gratis.

Furthermore are these Rirakuma Pet-bottle-cap openers for when the cap is on just a bit too tight.

Rirakuma is not the only bear out there. These Pooh-san stickers and Suzy's Zoo bear can attest to that.

Of the Gegege cards, this is about the most bearish...a kind of tanuki called the 団三郎狸(だんざぶろうだぬき Danzaburou-danuki).

I can't find the vampiric teddy from Nightmare Before Christmas right now, but I'll post it once I do. In the interim, here's the Mayor.

Meanwhile, here are some rather odd videos of Rirakuma in action...

Jack 'o Lantern Bear

This Rirakuma has had a bit too much punch.

Damn Furries are everywhere.

Does Rirakuma crap in the woods? I only watched this for half a minute, you'll have to watch it for 9 more to get the answer.

Fortunately, I have a skeletal bear that is a little eerie.

Back to scarier stuff tomorrow!!


Shawn Robare said...

The one on the end, that's my wife's favorite brand of stuff animals, the Skelanimals. They just released a set of these in DC comics wrap-around costumes...

John Rozum said...

There's a world of difference between kawaii and American "cute." If our cute Halloween stuff was more like kawaii, I'd probably really like it. What we have is so awful looking though it depresses me when I come across it.


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