Abe-nai, Abunai! 安倍ない、危ない!

Tomorrow is another election, it seems like we had one only last April. Oh, we did. I can't pretend to know the first thing about Japanese politics (or for that matter, Canadian, American or Peruvian politics), but I do know that Mr. Abe didn't have much of a chance to prove his worth while in office. He was overcome with scandals with fellow party members from the get-go and got no support from anyone else in his cabinet. As per this article, @In the brief 10 months of Abe's administration, three ministers have departed — one committing suicide and two others resigning. Another, new agriculture minister Norihiko Akagi, is also under fire over questions about official funds."

Who knows what he might have accomplished if he had the chance. But we'll never know. for it appears that he'll be ousted as PM. He'll stick around though, but who knows what other scandals he'll get involved in?

I am impressed by the voter turnout of the Japanese people. 10,000,000 have already prevoted and tomorrow promises to be a zoo around the polls. We'll never see numbers like that in North America.

Btw, speaking of Peruvian politics, today is Peru's Independence Day (from Spain's rule back in 1821). Their 10th Prez, just happened to be one, 藤森 謙也 (Fujimori Kenya), who was President of Peru from July 28, 1990 to November 17, 2000. He was the first Asian to ever hold office in South America, but he wasn't much of a leader. Human's Rights abuses and other scandals were part of the reason that he left Peru and resigned by fax. Well, lo and behold, if, in June 2007, Fujimori hadn't announced his candidacy for the House of Councillors, under the banner of the People's New Party.

My roving reporter in Tokyo snapped this revealing photo about him. There were absolutely know people in attendance at his rally the other day. Who knows if he'll be successful, he might be a future PM over here!

As for the post title, it loosely translates as 安倍ない、危ない or Beware, No Abe! (Abe-nai = No Abe; abunai = Beware/ Danger!) My other title was going to be Abeyance, but I thought it wasn't as catchy.

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