Son of a Beach!

It's time once again for the Annual Beach Party @ Live ENN House. I've gone before and have always had a good time.
It showcases several of my favourite Indie bands playing the Sendai~Tokyo scene including such groups as "Blue III", "The Chocolates", "JETT3" and the "Swingin' Dotty Holes" on Saturday; "The Privates", "Violets", "the CHICKEN masters", "The Pony Tails" and the "Middle's", but I'm curious about "Charlie Brown & Baseball Team" on Sunday!

If you can't go, you may want to whet your appetite with a couple of podcasts by our very own Echophonyk DJs, DJ Mixture and Mark Saito. DJ "Mixture offers up what IMHO is his best funky mix to date. Everything else he's done is utter crap in comparison. I hope he doesn't get too swelled a noggin, but DJ Mixture has now conquered yet another media...he's now on the airwave's via a local radio station. If I ever get some details, I'll hook you up with a live link.

DJ Mark Saito's set is equally cool, even though I've heard it all before. But if you haven't, you should definitely give it a listen. Boogie On Down!

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