The Real Magic Monkeys.

I saw a movie the other day, and while at the theatre, clicked a few pics of these posters. It appears that one of the SMAP (Sports Music Assemble People...kind of Japanese version of the Monkees) boys, 香取 慎吾 (Shingo Katori) is starring in a new version of the Monkey Magic saga. I don't know too much about him or the other SMAPpers, but I have seen him on a few tv shows, mainly a Quiz show about English phrases. He also portrays a cross-dressing Chef named Shingo-Mama. I just now discovered that it is this character that provided me with the greeting mode I use when I see my students, "Oh-Ha". I use it quite often, much to the amusement of those I greet, but I never knew who I stole it from. (I thought I stole it from a Morning Musume song.)

Back on a secant*, the Monkey Magic Movie which opens next Saturday has the theme song and another song sung (Around the World) by none other than our Monkey Majik pals. Blaise once told me that he was commissioned by the SMAP guys to write a song for them. He later told me that it fell through, but another project was in the works. I guess this is it! If you want a few more details about the original tv show, you can always check out my post from about a year ago.

When we saw the guys in concert last week, they did a Live version of the song especially for the Sendai crowd. It had only been tried out in the studio prior to that. We got to see history in the making!

ps. A congrats goes out to the SNOTS who tied the #1 undefeated team today 5-5. Alex & Nori got 2 goals apiece and Blaise picked up two assists. Lazy me didn't get my beauty sleep this afternoon, so I was too fatigued to trek out to the Arena to watch them.

*You see a secant is the opposite of a tangent, so when you go off on a tangent, to get back on topic, you have to go on a secant.

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