On the cover of the Rolling Stone.

Okay, not quite Rolling Stone, but our Monkey Majik boys are on the cover of Flying Postman Press a freebie mini-newspaper spotlighting local and nation-wide bands. This 8-page epic is dedicated to this quartet of sorceror simians.

They have a new CD coming out on the 25th. I have to save my pennies for a trip to Canada, but I may pick it up when I get back (on sale, I hope.)

Be sure to click on any of these pics to read the fine print.

Here's a list of their CDs to date. I have 2 of them, Thank You and Lily.

Here's a list of their Videos to date. If you click on the Label for MM below, you can find some of the YouTubes I've showcased previously.


NORI said...

wow! cool!
where did you get it??

Michael Jones said...

You can find it out now! I got mine at Bivi, but you should be able to find it in any music store.


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