Revenge of the Nerd!

I just got a comment about my PPGZ entry about being too nerdy! All I have to say to that is, "Get your own blog, ya bum!"
Then I realized it's DJ Mokugohan and he does have his own blog. There's a few odd tunes, just click around to find his podcasts. He has a Fat Albert one that offers up his own flavour of Nerd. I personally never liked Fat Albert much, I liked Cosby's stand-up/ albums of the 60's, but not the cartoon. His other offerings are far less nerdy, but far more esoteric...I like the second one best. Highly Recommended!

While I'm on the topic, throw some comments my way. What would you like to see in this blog? More about "Life in Japan", "The Music Scene of Sendai", "My School Life", nerdy posts about "Cartoons & Comics" or a healthy mix of them all?

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