Something Fishy's going on here.

After an 8 hour marathon of hearing guitar plucking of varying competency and amplitude, we split to catch last orders at a local 魚 (sakana=fish) restaurant. Alex, Akari, her cousin, the Ponytails dude and another guy and I went to "I don't know what it's called but if you click here you can check it out".

Alex attempts to catch our dindin.
They seem out of plaice, but they're not.
Akari tries her hand at flatfishing.
Ultimately, this is all we caught. Fortunately, they also served food that we didn't catch. And it was yummy. Recommended.

Alex and the cuz departed and we popped over to 305. Akari & I enjoying the ambiance.
A musical interlude.
Just us guys and a herd of drunken housewives.
I had fun, but after many a Corona at Enn I had to call it an early night (2ish). I started to look a little odd.

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NORI said...

wow!great :D

I'm back to sendai this morning..


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