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Another rainy night in Sendai, so just staying at home watching Cartoon Network. A bit of Bugs, Jetsons, Kimba (warning: only the most sadistic will listen to this version of Kimba) and coming up next, Fantastic Four. I am really enjoying the Jetsons. It holds up extremely well over time (Duh, it's the future!) I can't say the same for the Filmation version of FF, but it is good cheesy fun.

Speaking of cheesy fun, today's post is brought to you by うまいぼう (umai bo = delicious stick). These mini-sticks of Cheesy goodness (similar to Cheesies/ Cheetos) are not only cheese-flavoured, but come in all manners of tastes to suit your taste. (As always, just click on the photo to enlarge it.)

I have never purchased a single stick, but here I am with 10 of them. How, you may ask, did I acquire these cylindrical snacks? Shoplifting? Nah, nothing so mundane. I UFO caught them of course. These days, the UFO catcher spots are full of snacks. I only ever catch the ones that I know I can, and these babies are a piece of cake. At various Echo events, I show up with a faggot* of these sticks and am greeted with delight.

They all sport "Umaemon", a spoof of Doraemon. (Check out next year's movie. I have a certain affinity with the big blue cat, we have the same belly. Only I can't pull items out of my fourth-dimensional pocket. Well, maybe bellybutton lint.)

Today at the convenience store, I discovered some disheartening news. I get 10 of these sticks for 100¥ (more if I miss my booty...but I never miss.) But in the store, they are only 9¥ a piece! You can get 30 of the same flavour for 270¥. But because my captures include 10 different flavours, I consider it worth it.

Here are the flavours I got with this batch:
たこ焼き (takoyaki octopus balls.)
野菜サラダ (yasai sarada vegetable salad.)
明太子 (mentai pollock roe-not Jackson Pollock)
照り焼き (teriyaki)
サラミ (salami.)
チーズ (cheese.)
コーンポターシュ (corn potash.)
チキンカレー (chicken curry.)
とんかつソース (tonkatsu sauce )
えびマヨネーズ (ebi mayonaise, shrimp with mayo.)

Call me bland, unoriginal, tasteless...but my favourite is plain old Cheese flavoured!

*faggot: not what you may think...

Damn. Stating "faggot" may change my PG rating. Damn, so is saying "Damn"!

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