MMMM. Choco-burgers.

We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog for a commercial message. Aquaman's lovechild, Laura desires these little Chocolate burgers. They were BoingBoinged, so they gotta be good!

I bought some last night, but I think I got an inferior brand. There were tasty enough for a チョコクリームサンド (Chocolate-Cream Sandwich) but they don't look as yummy as the ones in some guy's blog.

While I was in the スパ (supermarket), I snapped a few pics of some other weirdly-shaped choco-treats:

Some kind of weird conch-shaped thingies called たけのこの (take no kono). I liked the little Kokeshi-like dolls in the corner.
I've had these mini-mushrooms before and they are a very common snack amongst the natives. But don't expect to have a trip.
But the wackiest has to be these choco-tree stumps starring a stoner-lumberjack on the package.

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