A Blaise of Glory.

Tonight was the second last game of the Summer hockey season for the Snots. Kudoes to the guys for winning 3-1.

The first goal and a later assist went to Blaise Plant (of Monkey Majik fame.) After a 2-month tour of Japan promoting their latest album, he was a little slow on the skates for his beer belly is like jelly. But he performed admirably. See below for their latest hit.

Nori of Echophonyk promotion fame also did well with a goal and assist of his own. The other goal was scored by Gori, the puck hog.

Alex Mokugohan Hutton managed to squeak off an assist when his breakaway patented wrap-around the back of the net shot was stopped and then rebounded in by Blaise.

They were up against the "Ladies Rabbits". Their team is comprised of all young does (female bunnies) and like their namesakes are very swift. (And unlike Japan's indigenous rabbit species, 奄美の黒兔 or the Amami rabbit, they are not endangered.) They piffled a goal through the legs of the excellent Snots goalie, and though speedy, couldn't put the puck on the net often enough to score again. There was no "warren peace" in their own net for their Doughy Doe of a goalie prevented many a Snot slapshot from entering her hutch.

I do love their logo, a Winking Bugs poking out of a puck.

A bit more trivia for you: Japanese believe that there is a "Rabbit in the moon" who spends his time making 餅 (mochi=rice cakes). This is much like the pareidolia of our "Man in the moon" belief but this guy doesn't make rice cakes.

They have another game tomorrow, and I have yet another Monkey Majik tale to recount, but now it's bedtime.

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