Brit's Don't Quit!

The British invasion happened at Shaft on Friday and it was a pretty rocking event. I don't think as many people came as desired, but those who did were appreciative of some darn good tunes, courtesy of DJs Mixture, Jools, Ed & Mokugohan (and some guys I don't know.)

Mixture, a Brit by birth but not by girth, spun via cds for a change for his normal repetoire of funky dance music includes very little music from the Motherland.

Jools (on the right), the baldest and boldest of the bunch, had a bit of vinyl, but he too had to succomb to those laser-enhanced discs. Ed, the man with the plan, who flew all the way from England for this event, (of course, he also organized it) played a magnificent set of Brit-rock new & old. These two have both moved onto greener pastures, but they were the founding fathers of Shaft. What a legacy!

Fortunately Mokugohan weaseled his way into a gig, sure he's not British, but we Canucks are Colonists (the dang Queen is on our currency). Thank God he showed up, for I suspect that he was the only DJ of the night who used only vinyl. His first half was all the cool esoteric stuff that he's famous for, and then for his second half got the dance floor packed with the likes of New Order and Blur. Alas, his bit got cut short due to some miscommunication, for he was just starting to rock the joint.
Aussie Ando & Canuck Rob representing the colonies.
Guy whose name I always forget (John?...it's something unusual like that) and another guy.
Akari brought a friend.

Apple sporting his Tattoos.
Ed's wife, Ayako in the centre, flanked by Mizuho?? & Noburo. They used to come to every Echophonyk event back in the Stefan era, but haven't returned since he moved to Vancouver.
Apple Mixture...Mmmm. Yummy!
Ando making the moves on Akari.

You should be dancing, yeah.
I am your father!
Darth Mixture dies an ignominious death.

A very fetching Akari. Check out the autographed Monkey Majik poster behind her.
Is that Jabba with a light sabre?
I left early (alone!) due to an upset tummy from a nasty Barium cocktail that I had earlier in the day for a health check at work.

We Echo-types need to organize our own Brit night. Only we'll invite other countries to play as well.

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NORI said...

so funny!
Darth Mixture was dranked...


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