Teddy's Bear Picnic.

I met Dave for a chin-wag (Brit-slang for a chit-chat) and we ended up over at Teddy's Diner for dinner. It's previous incarnation last year was an (unsuccessful) pub, but now the manager has hit upon solid gold.

Great food, a pleasant atmosphere, nostalgic music, and Star Trek dvds. No TV tonight for it was especially busy, since they were filming a commercial there. So I suggest you get your keisters over there before the masses learn of it.

Dave had a Teriyaki burger, I opted for the cheese burger, and we shared some Teddy's potatoes (real spuds, diced up and fried in garlic butter with bacon and asparagus spears)...heavenly. And they gave me a complimentary Desert. Is it because I'm a nice guy? I dunno, but it may have to do with...

The best surprise of all, the cook is a former student of mine, Chiaki (nickname of Keri/ Kelly.) I bump into her a few times a year at various events throughout the city, she's an accomplished drummer and DJ herself. Coincidentally, I mentioned her to Dave just 10 minutes before we entered the Diner as a potential DJ for a future event. Gotta love that serendipity thing.

For those of you who don't know the Teddy Bear's Picnic tune, check out these lyrics.


NORI said...

next time
i want to go here.

Michael Jones said...

We're going there for a mini-party before the next Echo!


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