Yesterday was the annual "Student's Sensational Singing Showdown."

I got up on stage. Greeted by much hooting & hollering (not sure if they were cheers or jeers), I belted out a version of a perennial Canadian favourite from my youth. Nobody under the age of 40 has ever heard of this tune, but if you were 8 and it was Canada Day during Expo 67 (Canada's Centenary), you were inundated with it. I haven't sung this song since 1967, and some of my lyrics were a little off, but it's not like my audience would notice. (Full disclosure time...I also sang this tune last year, so it was the 2nd time in 40 years.) I was filmed by some of the AV nerds, so I'm going to try to get footage of me up on YouTube!

Meanwhile, get ready for some true Canadian Cheese:

Happy 40th Anniversary to Bobby Gimby's song.

A bonus YouTube for you Hockey Night in Canada Fans. Back at Expo 67, there was a Documentary called A Place to Stand. Ontari-ari-ario was the theme song for it. (It was written by HNinC composer, Delores Claman.)
If you thought Ca-na-da was cheesy, this is Limburger!

Back in our Curtain Call days, Uglahoma spoofed this with these lyrics:
"Give us a place to study
with a dimlit room,
And we will start ...
A baby boom.
Facs girls, Vets and OAC, who really needs the U of G?"

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