Shirking my Blogligation.

I know I had a Blog-Obligation to report on the entire Beach party, but after a day of drinking yesterday, I just listened to 3 bands today and then trekked home. (Actually, I discovered a 10-piece Swing band playing in Jozenji Park and then I trekked home.)

I'm just going to give a snippet of each band and then link you to a Flickr account (if I can figure out how.)

Sunday's lineup:

The first band I heard, and ultimately my favourite, was the "Swingin' Dotty Holes". Great name for a great band.

The lead, Kaori, had a powerful set of lungs and belted out Summertime in an Ella Fitzgeraldish voice. They played a few other jazzy tunes and it really was my high point of the weekend.

The keyboardist who I've seen previously with the Ponytails has an amazing pair of hands and kept the band swingin'.

I later had a chance to chat with Kaori and I hope to get her to perform at a future Echophonyk event.

Next up was "JETT3", really loud and really awful. Their best song was the last one and it was terrible. If it weren't pissing down, I'd have spent the session outside. I didn't even bother trying to get a better photo.

Next up were "Neutral" and that's exactly how I feel about them. The lead singer is about a head shorter than me and when he sang softly, he was tolerable, but then he and the band had to yell at the top of their lungs and it was horrible.

I liked the よそ者 (yo so mono=Strangers) and they kind of reminded me of the Canuck Punk band, DOA. I picked up a cheap CD of theirs for 500¥.

Then they let their female guitarist solo and she started off sounding like Janis Joplin but soon reverted back to J-Pop blandness. I have thus coined a new term for her, "Janis Jpoplin".

By this time, Alex had shown up, so he got to see the end of the "Furs" in all their glory. These guys were sooo cool. The lead reminded me of a Herman's Hermits clone and their liveliness really got the place jumping.

The dance floor suddenly became packed with an entourage of young ladies. Maybe they brought them along. I didn't notice any of them prior to their show.

I gotta find out where this guy got his suit. But the vertical stripes would make me look fat.

It appears that they have a new CD coming out...Vanishing Point. I'd consider getting it (as soon as it ends up in a used CD bin.)

The next dudes up were called "Wakusei" and they were pretty good too. The lead dude looked Stingish and he was unique in that his hairstyle was relatively normal.

Keep a look out for their new "Electric Eel Shock" cd.

Next up were "BlueIII" but I'm going to devote a separate post to them. They are such fun.

Second to last were the "Backdrops". Kinda Jaggerlike. I liked them but I was still exhausted by the previous band.

The final band were the "Chocolates" and it was a good way to end the night.

Very lively lead and a spooky looking drummer.

I'm tired and it's bedtime. Got a full day of work tomorrow, so I'll let you know how the rest of Sunday went and update on Sea Day at the Beach tomorrow. But I'll leave you with a picture of me with a Zima sticker on my cheek.

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