Oh, Canada.

(Utilize a downward inflection on Canada and a tut-tutting tone.) Did you know that according to the Chinese Immigration Act, effective July 1st, 1923 all Chinese Immigration to Canada was banned? Since "Dominion Day" coincided with this date, Chinese-Canadians referred to this date as "Humiliation Day". The act was repealed in 1947 after the Chinese contribution to WWII was brought to light (including some Nazi-esque Death Camps). Chinese-Canucks are seeking compensation (much like the cop accredited to Japanese-Canadians in the 80's.

But enough about that, how about all the good that has taken place since then? Here are some of the festivities taking place this year and if you're really interested, check out what the Canadian Heritage page has to say about today.

For you jealous souls out their who aren't Canadian but wish you were, find a copy of this book on faking Canuckness.

Here's a nifty animation portraying the history of Canada's Provinces and Territories and their admittance to the Canada we know and love today.

I spent today sleeping most of it away after partying until 7:30 am. What did you do?

Check out Bob & Doug celebrating their 24th anniversary on May 24th...

Happy 140th Birthday, Canada!

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