The Last of the Beachcombers.

Yesterday, I only caught 3 bands because (a) I was tired, (b) I was burnt out by guitar overdose and (c) I had a terrible ringing in my ears the previous night before bed and it still hasn't dissipated.

I won't blame the young punkers, known as "Biba Textiles". They were actually quite good in a Sex Pistols-lite kind of way.

The next two groups were the Ponytails and the Chicken Masters. They were loud, but not abrasive. I think the damage had already been done. Enough about the tintinnabulation in my noggin.

The Ponytails were great as usual. Their enthusiasm outweighs their skill, yet it all sounds fab.
The keyboardist from Swingin' Dotty Holes made a cameo for a song. Awesomeness prevailed.
The other guitarist. (I really gotta learn these people's names!)
And my favourite Ponytail is one who actually sports a ponytail. Yukie, the drummer, is always magnificent. And her percussion ain't bad either.
The Dotty girls, undotted and undaunted.
Special guest appearance by the 305 owners, who had been running on 2 hours sleep over 48 hours.
"the Chicken Masters" abate. I love these guys for their showmanship as much as their music. Like most of these rockers, they had all the typical moves down pat. They obviously attended "Rock Stance" at the School of Rock.

I left around 4, but I heard some tunes blaring from nearby Jozenji park, and sure enough, there was a 10-piece Swing band called the "Roller Coasters" playing. An odd end to an interesting weekend.

I'll leave you with the Beachcombers intro. My Canajun friends will thank me.

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