It's Un-Canny!

My favourite Aquaman site has linked to ecdysis (the moulting process undergone by most arthropods, especially crustaceans. Very well written article which makes the whole process easy to understand.

This in turn inspired me to photograph some of the carapaced-creatures I've collected over the years. These two 蟹 (kani which means crab in Japanese) were acquired with bottled water purchases.

This crabby fellow is named Ganime (ガニメ) and he showed up in 1970's Yog, Monster from Outer Space (or Yog, The Space Amoeba).
Since it isn't a Godzilla movie, I actually haven't seen it often, but it's good for a lark. Sorry, I don't know if Ganime gets a chance to moult in this one. (Gani or Kani means crab and if you look closely, he more resembles a lobster than a crab. But don't quibble please.)

Here Godzilla is helping エビラ moult by chowing down on one of his claws. Ebira (ebi=shrimp/ ra or la is a common Japanese monster suffix) never does get much chance to moult in this one for he's defeated rather swiftly by the big G.

The カイジュ (kaiju =Japanese monster) that is most closely associated with the intention of this post is Destroyah. Created when the Oxygen Destroyer killed the original Godzilla in the Original movie, Destroyah starts out as a colony of crustaceans resembling a horseshoe crab-like creature, then moults into a 6-legged, 2-metre tall creature, then changes again into a much larger 18-metre creature with claws and sharp appendages and ultimately metamorphoses into a 120-metre flying form with a laser horn and a micro-oxygen ray.

Which has ultimately inspired me to show the B52s in their finest video. Man-oh-man, that brought back the memories of flailing around on the floor of The Bullring back at the University of Guelph oh-so-many years ago! (Dagnabbit! It was the greatest Dance-bar ever and now it's a Coffee House.)

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