It's Pandemonia!

A popular pandemic of Panda products presently proliferates the populus and panders to my psyche!

This train conducter is eating 南部せんべい (nanbu senbei-a peanut encrusted snack) from the Southern part of Iwate.

These cute little attachments to Kirin brand, 玉露の生茶 (gyokuro no namacha = refined tea) are now sprung on the masses. It showcases 48 different pandas wearing a variety of costumes and promoting an edible specialty from different regions throughout the country. Unfortunately, I take off for Canada on Thursday, so I won't be able to buy many. But I'll get a few and pawn them off on my pals in the Great White North.
This Hawaiian beauty is offering up some 喜多方ラーメン (kitakata ramen), a noodle dish famous in the Central Fukushima prefecture.

I'll leave you with this panda anime, but caution, the music is awful, you may want to turn it off!


Nicole said...

I've been sucked into trying to collect all these silly pandas... and that's how I came across your blog. Ironically, I am also an English teacher in Sendai, but I've only just arrived. So when you make it back, if you see a girl buying six bottles of 生茶 at a 7-11, it's probably me. ^^;

Michael Jones said...

I may have one or two left over when I get back to town. I'll save them for you!
Keep in touch,

Nicole said...

thanks! have a nice vacation and safe trip back to Japan!

Michael Jones said...

Hey Nicole,
I don't know how to contact you otherwise, but if you're not busy, there's an event at Shaft tomorrow. If you need directions, check out their website http://www.clubshaft.com/

or email me:
aoxoltl ATMARK ezweb.ne.jp

I may have a panda or two that you need!


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