Snoopy Doggy Dogg.

I honestly believe that Charles M. Schulz started going senile in the 80s. I was hard pressed to find many even remotely amusing strips and I think when he expanded his Peanuts universe to include Spike & Snoopy's extended family, Rerun and such one-shots as Tapioca Pudding, he began to lose it.

Here are a few of the only somewhat funny strips he had from a 1986 book that was translated into Japanese (why bother?)

But, boyohboy, did Japan fall in love with the character of Snoopy. Sure, I loved him in the 60s, I religiously bought all the books when they were 50 or 60 cents and I even bought The Gospel According to Peanuts for my dad one year for Father's Day (he was an Anglican Minister, in case ya didn't know.) There are entire stores devoted to ONLY Snoopy paraphernalia, just like the stores devoted to Hello Kitty, Ghibli or Pooh. But Japanese people know next to nothing about the strip or its characters.

Here are some Premiums that came with Pepsi NEX Zero last month. I got all except Joe Cool, but I never really cared for that Snoopy persona, so I'm not too broken up about it. You should know who they all are, so I won't elaborate.

Here's a blurb from the man himself:

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