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I haven't done a News link dump in awhile, so here's some choice articles for you to check out.

ANA (All Nippon Airlines) is now providing bidets in its Boeing 787 flights. There are more bad puns in going potty than you'll find in any of my average posts!

When you want to write dirty words, but are a pg site, it's best to use symbols to express yourself. This $&!?=#ing site will give you the scoop on some of our more interesting Marks.

If you're a real blockhead you can order some of these. It certainly is the coolest block set ever
but MAN is it freaking expensive! It'll cost you close to 700$ when each word is about 100 bucks a pop!

I haven't seen the latest P of the C extravaganza yet. At their request, I showed my English Club students Pirates 2 and, having already snoozed through it last year, spent the 2+ hours emailing during it. In #3, Chow Yun-Fat portrays a Chinese pirate hanging around Singapore (much to the chagrin of the Xinhua censors complaining of the stereotype.) It's nice to see some enterprising real-life Pirates of Singapore pillaging some Japanese cargo ships. Pretty lame buccaneers though, they arm themselves with knives and steel pipes. What's the matter with muskets and cutlasses?

There's a blight on the Coral Reefs of Okinawa for the White Syndrome Disease that has been terrorizing the Great Barrier Reef, et al. has struck there.

Alas, there hasn't been any progress in the search for the killer of Lindsay Ann Hawker so a campaign has started hawking Hawker t-shirts. Let's plaster the face of this nasty killer on our chest and maybe someone will be able to point the cops in the direction of this bastard.

And finally, you don't tug on Superman's cape, and you don't mess around with Ichiro. When Oakland starter Joe Blanton tried to retrieve the ball near the Seattle dugout, he shoved Ichiro, who had scored on the play. A brawl then broke out so that'll teach them!

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