Beauty is only skin deep.

口裂け女, (Kuchisake-onna or Slit-Mouth Woman) refers to both a story in Japanese mythology, as well as a modern version of the tale of a woman, mutilated by a jealous husband, and returned as a malicious spirit bent on committing the same acts done to her.

This story resurfaced in 1979 with several school children claiming they were accosted by the eponymous woman. It also cropped up in Korea with a similar story.

This charming little romp is one of the first Japanese urban legends I'd heard several months ago. It seems that this lovely tale is now featured on our pay-TV station, but I won't be seeing it anytime soon. I'll wait for it to come on one of my other stations. If you're interested in reading a review, click away.

My recommendation, should you be approached by a young lady wearing a surgical mask and inquiring about their beauty, respond, "You look ordinary." If you respond any other way or try to escape and you'll become her next victim. Bwaa-Ha-Ha!

For a dispelled Urban legend, go no further than here.

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