Try Hard to Die Hard.

I have to wrap up a few loose posts before I trek to Canuckle-head land and they become too obscure to bother posting. So here goes...

I saw Die Hard 4.0 (and I guess that's a marginally better title than "Live Free or Die Hard" due to the computer references) and it was exactly what I expected. 2 hours plus with John McLane getting his ass kicked and kicking some ass, lots of "blowed up real good" effects, sarcastic quips and a few surprises. I'd say it ranks below DH1 (of course), but above DH 2 & 3. I don't really know his co-protagonist, Justin Long at all, but he was a welcome addition as a tag-along partner. The antagonist played by Tim Olyphant was meh (that means ママ or so-so to the uninitiated.) But his side-kick, Maggie Q was a great baddie who could kick sides with the best of them. John's daughter was a tooth & nails little vixen, but the true joy of the whole movie was the cameo by Kevin Smith as Warlock. He puts the geek in uber-geek!

Check out a trailer here.

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