Sorry, about that Chief!

With what is either the best news or the worst news ever, Get Smart is getting a big screen treatment. The cast is promising, Steve Carell is a funny, funny guy, Alan Arkin will make a great Chief, Anne Hathaway makes a cute 99 and say what you will about the Rock, but I find the guy charmingly goofy.

The fact that all of them pale in comparison to the original cast is a given, but since most of them are dead, I doubt if they'll be making any cameos (Maybe Barbara Feldon can come out of retirement to play 99's mom.) So far the only connection I can see with the original is via the character's names, but if anyone can pull it off, Steve Carell can. (Better to remake it now before Mel turns it into another musical.)

Click away to see a tiny trailer but if you want to see a larger (and far slower) version, go here. Best thing about the trailer was hearing the iconic opening theme music once again.

I'll reserve judgement until I actually see the movie, but one thing can be guaranteed, there will be puns to the Max leading up to the premiere and in the reviews afterwards.

Just so you remember the genius of the original, here comes a bit of political incorrectness with that Fu Manchu-esque "The Craw"!

For my Japanese readers, you can always pick up the original 60's series by going here. Apparently, それ行け!スマート (sore ike sumato or "Let's Go Smart") was quite popular over here. They even liked The Nude Bomb! (Though why, I'll never know.)

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