The Cloud's Silver Lining.

Yesterday it was really pissing down, so I decided to walk to work. En route home, I walked through our local Temple, the 薬師堂寺 (Yakushido). I pedal past this place periodically, but never stop to smell the maple.

One of those really cool sights that only happens in Japan. This shrine, which I believe is a tribute to children who have passed on, has gathered a motley mix of tributes.
The entire Peanuts gang gets in on the action.
Cans of coke, coffee and more toys than I have (not really.)
These guys have seen better days. How long have they been there? (That Mickey is really creeping me out!)
A very awesome and spooky looking tree.
On the way out, I passed this Japanese Maple tree and liked the shot, so I took it.

Here's a little write-up of the history. Why transcribe, when I can photoshop it?

I may have to walk home more often, who knows what I may discover?

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