That's Frahnkensteen!

The last time I paid a visit to Young Frankenstein was when Kenneth Mars passed away. Back then, I had to rely on some screen grabs to snare some photos. (Be sure to click on the YF Label to research previous entries.) This time out, I got my mitts on a copy of the pamphlet so there's lots to choose from! I'm starting off with the back cover because it's more enigmatic.

And the front cover.

Very cool that there is a tribute to the great Boris Karloff at the beginning of the pamphlet.

Now just a ton of photos...

The cast:

The Director:

Finally a few publicity features.

Best Mel movie ever!

Holy Crap! I just discovered that there was a Young Frankenstein musical last summer! How'd I miss that?

Today's snack are Gachapin and Mukku cookies.

No UFO Catcher stuff, rather a trio of air fresheners for the kitchen!

I'm not sure what I'll write about tomorrow, just wait and see...


Caffeinated Joe said...

Great stuff! So many behind the scenes photos! Love that movie.

Michael Jones said...

Some photos weren't of the best quality but stunning nonetheless. Do you know whether there was a musical version in North America?

Caffeinated Joe said...

I believe I heard of the musical, but I never saw it. Would be fun, for sure.


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