Tsukimi (moon viewing) is a big deal and becomes even bigger when you add the prefix "O". The 15th to the 18th days of the 8th Lunar month encompass this harvest celebration, and this year it falls from October 4th-6th. Yesterday for lunch, we got a cute little rabbit pudding because when Japanese people look at the moon, they see a "Rabbit making Mochi". (The "Man in the Moon", so to speak.)

Today's lunch included a piece of Rabbit-shaped hamburger and some mochi balls in the soup.

I wonder what we'll get tomorrow.

Since it's a full moon tonight...

it seems like a good time to visit a lycanthropic tale. In this case, Benicio Del Toro in The Wolfman!

Each of the cast had their own interview for the pamphlet (good luck in translating it).

Rick Baker's makeup was the highlight of this Gothic horror.

As an added bonus, I managed to land a copy of the cinefex issue that features The Wolfman. A heck of a lot more pictures including a ton of makeup stills.


Apart from the pudding at the top of the page, today's Halloween tweet is a package of moon-shaped Choco Pies.

I don't have any lupine UFO Catch goodies so far this year, so canine ones will have to suffice.

Here's Snoopy as a Mummy, Skeleton, Vampire, and Witch!

I found this cartoon today and I think it's a good way to end this post. My thanks to Mark Parisi and his awesome strip, off the mark!

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