Haunted by the Haunting.

I'm watching a werewolf episode of Sleepy Hollow right now so I chose a simple pamphlet so I can pay attention to the TV. Nothing simpler than the remake of The Haunting.

The acting was adequate albeit occasionally over the top (I'm talking to you, Lili Taylor) and wacky (I'm talking to you, Luke Wilson). What did it in was the cheesy CGI effects. Here is how a truly creepy version of The Haunting can be.

This is what we got instead.

Ah well, back to the pamphlet.

Here is part of my UFO-Caught Halloween stuffed stuff from over the years. I use them as part of my lesson, "Tweety is dressed as a witch." or "Pink Panther is dressed as Ultraman.", etc.

Although a tad too dark, this is a cool little Halloween display in one of my schools. I like it!

What every good Haunted House needs is Toy Story Ziploc!


Caffeinated Joe said...

This and the House on Haunted Hill remakes weren't great. Prefer the originals, even the cheesy skeleton in House on Haunted Hill is better than bad characters and stupid plot.

Michael Jones said...

If I ever score a pamphlet for the originals, I'll be overjoyed.


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