They're Baaack!

Earlier in the Countdown to Halloween 2017, I wrote about Poltergeist. Today I bring you the sequel, Poltergeist II: The Other Side. (I don't think I ever saw #3 nor do I have the pamphlet.)

A trailer...

It's not a great sequel but it has its moments.

Heather o'Rourke was quite the upcoming actress. Too bad she succumbed to the "Poltergeist Curse".

I've had a busy weekend, what with a wedding and all. I do wish I had done this wedding.

That would have been fun.

This Pikachu Mistio grape drink is a little too sweet for me yet it's the only way I can get these masking tapes as a present.

No UFO Catch today, so instead I have some origami that a student gave me on Friday.

A Jack o'lantern, candy and ghost!


Caffeinated Joe said...

Haven't seen this film in a very long time. The pamphlets are always surprising to me. The pictures they choose, some seem so random.

Michael Jones said...

Random is a good way to put it.


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