I'm following up yesterday's witchy post with another witchy post. Unfortunately, I'm pressed for time because I'm about to go see The Witch!

I'm actually opening the pamphlet with the back cover because I love the picture and want to use it as a thumbnail.

I didn't even know this when I was photographing the pamphlet yet lo and behold in the last few pages is the flyer for the movie.

I saw this ramen today and so I bought the bottom two. I dunno if I can get that doll in the above pic but I hope not, it creeps me out.

That's it for now, I gotta go. Hopefully there will be some loot for me to UFO Catch and if so, I'll add it later.
Revision: The Witch will have to wait. Missed my subway...


John Rozum said...

Great stuff. I love this movie. It would make for an interesting double feature with The Witch.

Michael Jones said...

I didn't get to see The Witch last night so hopefully I can this weekend.
Kiki would also make an interesting double feature with Mary and the Witch's Flower.


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