Toys Am Us.

Yesterday, I went to the Yurikan, a museum in Watari, which has a display of Japanese Toys throughout the years. The only thing remotely spooky worthy of a Halloween post is this.

It's Youkai Kemuri (Dissolution Smoke) and it can be found in any old-time Candy store in Japan. I'm not exactly sure how it works, some kind of gummy ghost I guess.

Ah that helps somewhat.

Here is the poster for the display. Kodomotachi to Omocha (Kid's Toys).

This is a timeline showcasing some of the key toy inventions throughout the years. For example, the Hula Hoop is from the year I was born.

Here are some displays of toys that can still be found in Dagashiya Toy/Candy shops and festivals today (though a tad pricier.)

And fireworks!

Just to prove to you that these are still being sold, I just happened to be at a Dagashiya today!

I bought a "Dress-up Seal".

Time-shift, back to the Museum.

Ice skates!

Rackets used for a type of badminton.

A kite.


Wooden pull toys.

Not sure...

Celluloid toys.

Rock 'em Sock 'em Sumo!

A glockenspiel.

No idea.

This controversial today though extremely popular toy in the 60s toy is call Dakko-chan, your huggable friend.


Soft-vinyl toys.

Thunderbirds and MirrorMan cards:

A Barbie-esque Dream home.

Mom's Washer! Now you can do your own laundry.

These are menko, cool little discs that predate pogs by a few decades.

Gundam, Transformers, Life and more Gundam.

Race cars.

The electronic boom!

Today, I saw the movie Annabelle Creation. I didn't want to pay full price for a pamphlet, so I snapped a pic instead.

I showed up just in time for it to begin so I did no research before viewing it. Little did I know that it's the fifth movie in The Conjuring franchise, none of which I had ever seen. This movie wasn't bad, a bit cliched at times though creepy enough to keep me interested.ato

At the Nagamachi mall, renovations have been completed including a new Toys R Us. (While TrU is going bankrupt stateside, over here it's expanding!)

I bought a big tote bag!

Best part is a cool animatronic dinosaur!

Other cool places in the mall include a Train Shop where you can play on a huge train display for twenty minutes. There were no kids using it, just two nerdy salarymen.

It's called BoBonDetta* though I know not why.
REVISION: It's called Popondetta, I misread the katakana AND I now know why. The name of the store is named after a fish that the  owner owns. To whit, Popondetta.

The Sanrio shop has moved to a slightly smaller space. Nice Halloween display though.

I almost bought this.

There's a high-end Dollar store selling everything at three times that price. I bought a tote bag at half price and a bunch of bags.

I knew that Shawn the Sheep was popular in Japan, though I didn't realise he was popular enough to maintain a play area and shop!

I bought a Clear File of course.

This post took two days to actually complete writing, so that's why it's really late. A much tinier post will be made later this evening after my poker game.

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