The New Batch.

The last time I spoke of Gremlins was a few years ago. Click that link if you want to see really tiny pics of the pamphlet taken from an old phone. Today I'll revisit the little Mogwai with some better photos from Gremlins 2.

The official trailer.

A ton of photos!

Whoa! A Centerfold!

I luv this description of the Batch.

As you can see, Gizmo is prominently placed amongst his peers.

Let's end today with some Halloweeny displays at Aeon Mall.

 Man, I would love to do my next stir-fry using that cooker!

I have the day off today thanks to Super-Typhoon Lan. (It would be nice if my schools had actually called me but c"est la vie.) Therefore, I can start my Halloween costume and prepare my Halloween lessons for the rest of the week. Does Lan look like a wang to you?


Caffeinated Joe said...

Lots of pics! I haven't seen Gremlins 2 in years and years, but got to see the original on the big screen earlier this year. Still a fun movie.

Michael Jones said...

They both hold up extremely well.

Guillaume said...

I think I have seen Gremlins 2 more often than the original. It's not nearly as good though.

Michael Jones said...

I have to agree with you on G2. More humour which doesn't stand up well over time. Also it has been parodied a lot so it is difficult to take seriously any more.


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