Scanners Down.

My scanner hasn't worked in a long time and I've been using my phone to create pictures for this bloggy thing of mine. Fortunately, I was introduced to Office Lens so it makes my job so much easier.  For example, check out this cover to スキャナーズ (Scanners) !

And the back cover via the Negative Zone.

It was the first David Cronenberg movie I'd ever seen and made me track down his earlier indie flicks. Nice to see so many Canadian faces in his movies.

Lots of stills...

I'm surprised they didn't use the colour version of Canadian Louis Del Grande's head blowing up. If you hunt around the net, I'm sure you can find it. (Or you can just scroll down at this link.) When I first saw this movie in the cinema, I was astounded (and a little bit pleased) to see him blown up. I thought I was Seeing Things!*

The ever wonderful, Canadian Michael Ironside!

And the rest of the cast.

What a funky movie! (Can't say the same for the sequels...)

*Canadian bonus material: Louis Del Grande in an episode of Seeing Things with many a Canuck starring within.

Today's meal consisted of salad and fish. Sheesh, slap a pumpkin on its package and I'll buy anything.

I'll finish it off with an Oni head won from a Gacha machine the other day.

More tomorrow as the Countdown to Halloween continues.


Caffeinated Joe said...

Ah, Scanners. I haven't seen it. I have known about it for decades, but just have a love/hate relationship with Cronenberg's work.

Michael Jones said...

I'd say it's worth seeking out. Unfortunately, it has been homaged and parodied so much that some of its punch will be diminished.

John Rozum said...

I saw it in the closest thing we had to a seedy grind house theater here on Cape Cod (it's long gone now). It made quite the impression on high school me. I watched it again when Criterion released it on blu ray and now find it to be one of Cronenberg's lesser efforts. In college I was stunned to see star, Stephen Lack working in the video department on the Tower Records on 4th an Broadway in NYC. I thought he'd be too embarrassed to be recognized working there, so I never said anything to him.

Michael Jones said...

To be frank, it has been a long long time since I've seen it as well. I also watched it along with a few of the sequels so it all becomes hazy. As I said above, due to its frequent parodies, it may not hold up as well as I recollect.
I do suggest you watch an episode or two of Seeing Things. It's a lot of fun.


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