I May Never Pee Again!

A few weeks ago in this post, I alluded to the story of Hanako, Terror of the Toilet!

While rifling through the pamphlet, I came to the center and was unable to open it. The middle of the pages were sealed in such a way that I had to pry the staples apart to view the interior. I can see why! That's pretty horrifying!

Toilet Stories stickers and trading cards.

The previous owner of the pamphlet left a flyer within for a 3D ride in Fuji-Q.

Looks creepy...

If you want to learn more about the story, the late, lamented Pink Tentacle has an article on it. This YouTube has a bit of info on the tale, please ignore the spelling mistakes.

A couple of scenes from some of the versions of the legend.


I scammed a bunch of photos of students drawings of "Halloween!" and how they perceive it. This is my favourite drawn by a rather mousy Grade 5 girl.

Here's a bunch more...

More tomorrow.

I stuck a sticker on each drawing (while supplies last).

After the kids indulged in a Costume parade (utilizing my massive collection of masks), they were each given a little pumpkin as their Trick or Treat reward. I have well over 1000 kids and am not allowed to give candies, so this is the next best thing. They were a big hit.

I couple of the girls decided to doll me up in this guise. I like the look.

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Caffeinated Joe said...

Fun stuff! They seem to get the Halloween-y idea!


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