The Countdown to Halloween 2017 Begins...

Similar to my entries last year, I hope to have a spooky movie pamphlet daily such as, 
Paradigm (or 20 cents, Har de har). パラダイム is also the Japanese title for the John Carpenter semi-classic Prince of Darkness which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.

The back cover is taken from the original movie poster. The first photo above is the cover for the Japanese version, I don't see it reproduced elsewhere in English.

(Click here if you want to join Nicovideo to watch the video. or watch the following YouTube.

The artist of the above lovely picture has written a review of the movie. Click that link if you can read Japanese, otherwise just go there and browse around for some more artwork.

Apart from the pamphlet, I hope to add whatever Halloween treats I come across. Such as this year's Halloween Pepsi. I'm uncertain as to its flavour, the best guess is Bubblegum.

Furthermore I'll show what UFO Catcher has to offer.

I tried once and was unsuccessful. I doubt if I'll try again.

If you're a blogger who'd like to join in the Countdown go to countdowntohalloween and follow the instructions.

I'll be back later today with another entry!

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