Rainbow Oz!

It's been a long time since I found an Oz book that I don't already have. Last night, I found オズの虹の国 Ozu no Niji no Kuni, a book that I thought I may already own. If I do own it, I could always send it to my pals in America and they could auction it off. I did this once before and landed a few $$ for the Japan Red Cross's tsunami relief efforts.
Doh! I just checked. I do indeed own it but I've never written about it on this bloggy thing of mine. (ps. If you want to read the original story, go to Project Gutenberg and The Marvelous Land of Oz.)

I wrote about this story on this very day for the very first Countdown to Halloween I participated in, 8 years ago! (Click to see that book.)

Here are the two side by side; as you can see, the "new" version is slightly bigger.

As promised, here is the "new" version:

I do like these red uniforms better than the white ones in the other book.

Unrelated to the above, here is some more Halloween Sake.

Also unrelated to the above, I received my first Lootcrate crate of loot.

Pretty cool Ghostbusters t-shirt.

An exclusive Loki vs. Thor mini-figure display.

Stranger Things have happened.

The box itself converts into an Uru hammer (if I can figure out how.)

And a Buffy Mr. Pointy bookmark!

Not a bad haul at all.

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Caffeinated Joe said...

It is very colorful and dynamic, that's for sure. Love the Buffy bookmark, too.


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