Migi is a Real Handful.

I scored a handful of figures of Migi and friends, so tonight I'll be revisiting Parasyte, the story of a boy with an odd obsession with his right hand. (Click that for my previous entry on the movie.)

Another reason I'm revisiting this movie is because I scored the pamphlet recently.  
寄生獣 (Kiseijuu or Parasyte).

Some cool behind-the-scenes stuff:

REVISION: I found a couple more Migi amongst my vast accumulation of stuff.

The goods on the goods.

Part 2 came out about half a year after the first one. If I ever learn how to read kanji, I may buy some of the books.

In other news, I was in Kitakami for a wedding yesterday and they had a little festival happening.
This guy gave out a bunch of treats to kids in cheerleader outfits.

The cutest Shinkansen ever!


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