Dead Day!

Since I had the day off thanks to Super-Typhoon Lan, I spent it watching a marathon of Season 7 of The Walking Dead, just in time for the Season 8 premiere happening in a few minutes. Therefore, I present to you one of the better NotLD sequels/ spin-offs/ remakes, Dawn of the Dead. I found this to be one of the few remakes that improves upon the original.

Unlike most of these pamphlets, there are very few stills from the movie itself.

This centerfold opens to unleash a few tidbits within the movie.

Much of the pamphlet is devoted to the production. I must say it's one of Zack Snyder's best efforts. 

Here's an interesting Chronicle of all the Zombie movies over the years, starting with White Zombie.

Today's UFO catch goodies are these two kids from  こどもつかい (Kodomo Tsukai or Innocent Curse). You read an extensive write up of this movie here. If you scroll to the bottom of that link you can see a lot of these kiddy-straps. I'd never seen them anywhere until I stumbled across them and these were the only two left.

The snack of the day are these two ramen noodle packs, Triple Cheese below.

And Baby-Stars.

I tried doing a Pano-shot of them to try and get the cover. It sort of worked.

...and now The Walking Dead is over. Not a bad Season Premier. Let's hope it keeps up the pace.


Caffeinated Joe said...

I am hoping for more hope in this season of The Walking Dead. Don't need more despair, get enough of that in real life.

Michael Jones said...

The flashbacks/flashforwards were all very hopeful. I suspect they won't come true.


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