Turning Tricks.

Trick (with a backwards "k") is a series I know very little about except that the covers of the pamphlets are quite nice. (I landed all four for a buck.) This series about magicians and their tricks ran for 14 years from 2000-2014 with 3 TV series, 4 movies, 3 TV specials, as well as books and manga. Phew!

Scammed from Wikipedia are the following synopses:
Trick the Movie (2002): In the movie, Yamada is convinced to pretend to be a god and dupe a village, but she has to prove the other fake gods are charlatans. Ueda works behind the scenes to make some of her miracles possible.

The Yamada and Ueda mentioned above. (Yukie Nakama of Gamera 3 and a Ring movie as Sadako and Hiroshi Abe of Godzilla Millennium fame )

Each pamphlet has a gimmick with it and for some reason have an egg on the back cover.

Trick the Movie 2 (2006)
Ueda employs Yamada to go a mysterious island in search of a girl (played by Maki Horikita) that disappeared 10 years ago. They discover the island is run by Kobako Sachiko, who can appear and disappear via boxes, among other strange powers.

You can make your own truck or box.

Or buy it as a keychain.

Trick the Movie: Psychic Battle Royale (2010)
In a remote village, a battle royale is held between many spiritualists to find the successor for shaman Kamahaeri. Ueda is asked to go to the village to uncover any frauds within the participants. Yamada participates in the battle herself, hoping to win money and recognition. As the battle progresses, participants get murdered one by one by a fellow participant who claims to be a real spiritualist.

A board game with your own play-pieces.

Trick the Movie: Last Stage (2012)
The trade company employee Shinichi (Noriyuki Higashiyama) recommends to Naoko (Yukie Nakama) and Jiro (Hiroshi Abe) to go to a beautiful place abroad. There, Naoko and Jiro meets tribal shaman (Kiko Mizuhara) and unravel her tricks.

Ooh, some Harry Houdini history.

They really don't seem to have aged that much since the first movie.


A movie I did see a few weeks ago was the live action version of 東京喰種 oTokyo Ghoul Before this, it has been an anime and a manga.
I hope you can view this trailer, my pc has decided to not show me any Youtubes.

It was a fun little movie with lots of cannibalism, gory CG impaling and tendrils. What more can you ask for? I found the Ghouls (if you disregard that whole eating human flesh thing) to be far nicer than the humans.

After several tries, I managed to win Ghoul, Ken Kaneki. He's a cutie!

Upon entry to the movie, I received a coaster. I got Dankan as Hisashi Omura. Meh.

At S-Pal which usually has the best Halloween display, this year it is sub par.

Even the Snoopy and Rilakkuma stores didn't have much to offer.

Their ghosts are kawaii though.

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