Wolfen: Pertaining to a Wolf, Wolf-like.

Wolfen is not a Werewolf movie per se though it is a funky look at the streets of New York, Native Mysticism and Wolfies. And thanks to its Wolfen pov,  it looks great!

Here's a radio spot for ウルフェン. Ya know, it's really difficult to type that in a search engine without getting Wolfenstein.

I do luv that Wolf-o-vision!

As for a Snack today, I'm combining it with my UFO Catch of the day. Welcome to Snack World!

I gave the following items to my pal Hinnie who is an avid Masking Tape collector.

Hopefully, I'll have another Wolf tomorrow!


Caffeinated Joe said...

Cool pics I have not ever seen before. I actually read the Wolfen book one time a few years back. Very gritty.

Michael Jones said...

That's what I like about these pamphlets. There are often pictures here that aren't available elsewhere.


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