I was organizing my ton of pamphlets trying to find an appropriate one for tonight when what should star showing on the tube but クリープショー  Creepshow!  (Click that link for a ton of photos!) Unfortunately, this will take longer to post since I'm more interested in watching the movie than writing about it.

Last month when George Romero passed away (or did he?), I wrote a quick tribute to him. Click around on the homepageofthedead for more info about the man and his work. I probably saw Creepshow before I saw any of the "Living Dead" movies and I know I have the comic adaptation of it sitting in a locker in Canada. Here's the rest of the pamphlet for you to peruse. (I'm going back to the movie.)

I need to look into this. Shrunken Head Studios has created a few Bits and Pieces from the movie...

 (Back to the pamphlet.)

Check out the center-page, it appears to include another movie, XYZマーダーズ or XYZ Murders better known as Crimewave. Whoa, a Sam Raimi film I've never seen! So as an added bonus to this pamphlet, here is its flipside.

Here's a trailer.

Is it worth tracking down?

I'm trying to think of a good UFO catch or snack to finish this off but it's way past my bedtime so I'll just grab quickies from the archives.

 No idea what these are.

This is a sheet of little pins you can poke into your pancakes. I'd never learned to make pancakes so I passed on purchasing the package of Hotcake Mix that this came with.

Stay tuned for more of the Countdown tomorrow!

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