Royal Battle.

Instead of a pamphlet today, I happened to find a copy of the soundtrack for  バトル・ロワイアル (Battle Royale). (If you want to see the actual pamphlet, click that link.) I started listening to it on the way home and was astounded as to how good it is.


And it comes with its own little pamphlet after all.

Here's a hint as to what it sounds like.

Not a bad way to spend 380 yen!

If you've never seen it and plan to, DON'T watch this.

Today's snack. Not really a snack, just something I'll have for dinner tomorrow.
(Michael, you know that even though there is a pumpkin on the package, you don't have to buy it.
Quiet you.)

I spent a little too much catching the entire set of these Gloomy Bears. I couldn't resist! The colours were labelled as Horror Orange, Horror Purple, Horror Black, and Horror Pink!

Here I am in action: (If the link works, that is.)

I'll leave you with this query. What movie do you think this DVD cover is? (Japanese readers need not try.)

Give up? It's



Lord of the Flies! The 1963 movie of a bunch of boys left to their own wits to survive on an island. I think Battle Royale owes it just a bit.

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