Under(world) the Weather.

I went out on the town last night and had a few brew too many I fear. For today, though not ridden with a hangover, I have been pretty lethargic all day. That's why last night's post was delayed. I enjoyed this Sake I picked up though! (For goodness sake!)

I did have fun though!

Because it's rainy, we can't see the moon but I assume it's still up there so today's movie will include another wolf. In this case, the Velkan, Will Kemp.

Yes, you guessed it, today's movie is Van Helsing. (I'd bet you assumed I was going with Underworld, didn't you?)

This movie should have been better than what it was. As a final insult to injury, the pamphlet advertises for some far better movies!

No UFO Catch gear to show off, so here's a ring I got from a Gatcha machine. Too bad it got stuck on my pinky for several minutes before I could pull it off.


Caffeinated Joe said...

It might not be a great film, but it is a fun movie. :)

Michael Jones said...

Too bad it wasn't better received. It could have been the beginning of the Dark Universe that sadly has been botched of late.


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