Even though three big Loup-Garou movies came out in '81, The Howling tends to take a backseat to An American Werewolf in London and Wolfen. Somewhat surprising as it's the one to spawn a franchise...Holy Crap! Seven sequels!!

Though not mentioned in the credits, if you look at the front cover of the pamphlet, you can clearly see that it is indeed serial killer Robert Picardo* transforming into our favourite werewolf.

*Looks a little different from "The Doctor" of ST Voyager fame. Must be the hair.

Joe Dante along with fx/makeup wizard Rob Bottin sure outdid themselves.
(Rick Baker left to work on AAWiL--splitter!).

Hey, check this out!

The Howling is a great movie. I can't speak for the sequels, I think I've only ever seen #2.

I didn't buy any of the following snacks from the supermarket today. I don't want to transform into a bigger slob than I already am.

These Peanuts characters are advertising for the Monster energy drink. I didn't buy any because there was no freebie to go along with the purchase.

I snagged this Gachapin because he has transformed from his trademark green to a sickly pink. (Though actually, I won it because I was trying for something else and this is what I got.)

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in Canada and Sports Day here in Japan. Can anyone guess what the pamphlet might be?


Caffeinated Joe said...

I haven't watched The Howling since the 80s. Looooong time. Need to give it a go again. Not sure if I have seen any of the sequels.

As for tomorrow... I don't know, but I am intrigued.

Michael Jones said...

Sports, werewolves and Canadian Thanksgiving. The clues are all there.


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