Today is the 18th anniversary of my arrival in Japan so I thought it would be fitting to visit some School Ghost Stories.

Haunted School or 学校の怪談 Gakkō no Kaidan is a 1995 horror/comedy movie that takes place in a school that is haunted (duh.) 
うひひひひひひ! (U-heeheeheeheehee is the sound of ghost's laughter.)

A trailer:

Back to the pamphlet. Check out some of the scenes in the movie. Craaazy!

Those kids are adorable. The storyboards...not so much.

Some of the SFX. I wish there more of these.

The credits:

These are some of the items for sale. I would love any of these!

I'm not sure how to play it but the centerfold of the mag turns into a board game!

Sony put out a Video Game as well. Here is some footage:

I'd never seen it yet Gakkou no Kaidan or School Ghost Stories became an anime back in 2000 with 19 episodes.
NOTE: (from the link) Gakkou no Kaidan is notable for having an English dub by ADV Films that utilized a comedic script as opposed to the original serious one.
Here's a list of the episodes.
Pay attention to #2, "A Hand Reaches Out of the Toilet... トイレから手首が… 赤紙青紙 (Toire Kara Tekubi Ga... Akagami Ao kami)". I'll be getting back to that topic in the future. In the meantime, here are two pictures from the movie on that topic.

Here's an episode. The good news is that it has subtitles. The bad news is that it's subtitled in Spanish.

I gave my first Halloween lesson of this year to a bunch of First Graders. You can draw your own rainbow skeleton, if you'd like.

And this handsome gent aided me in a rousing version of "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes."

Last week, instead of teaching, I was invited to watch a Korean folktale that a local theatre troupe put on for our students. It's about The Ungrateful Tiger.

It was pretty good, I especially like how they changed the sets by rolling up scrolls of the backdrops.

Today's UFO catch can be seen in the Titan above, though today I saw a Gatcha machine with cosplaying cats. Cute but expensive.

Today's snacks are some Pumpkin Potage crisps. They're ghostly!

I do believe there is at least one sequel to School Ghost Stories. I'll try and track it down.

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