Clubbing it.

After dinner with Mark, Yuko and their friend Archie, we all trekked out to Club Asia in Shibuya for a bit of dancing. Archie's friend is the ex belle of the DJ, so we got in for a discount. It was a pretty good place, loud, lush and lewd, but I am glad that we got in for a discount. I wouldn't have enjoyed myself with a 3000 yen cover.

While walking there, we passed a 河豚 (fugu=puffer fish) restaurant. I'm not rich enough (or brave enough) to venture inside, but it has a pretty cool looking decor outside, doesn't it? I find it amusing that the remains of the uneaten portion of fugu have to be placed in "toxic waste drums" so that the homeless don't eat them and die.

If we had entered, I believe it would have gone something like this...

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