Mike Jones and his City Slickers.

Over the years, I've been dubbed with various nicknames: Bones (obvious), TT Gun (long story...Grade 1, we had two Michael Joneses in the class, Michael B. Jones became BB Gun and Michael Thomas Jones became-you guessed it) Boner (hey, we were 8!), Rocky (throughout high school, 5 years before the movie), Howie Euchre (hockey announcer Howie Meeker would analyse every aspect of the game, I'd do the same at University Euchre matches) and one guy used to call me Spike after the guy in this video.

One of the things I like to do in this little blog of mine is to show how the Japanese have been portrayed in the media over the years. Spike Jones and his City Slickers present "Yes Sir, That's My Baby" in their own inimitable fashion...

Spike Jones - Yes Sir, That's My Baby
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