Don't have an 'Art Attack!

SPOILER ALERT: some blasphemy to follow...

The famous painting by Leonardo (my favourite of the TMNT), the "Annunciation" has stirred up some controversy by moving it out of Italy for the first time in a hen's age (a really long time.) It'll be featured in the Tokyo National Museum, and since I'll be in the neighbourhood next weekend, maybe I can check it out.

This is the one where Archangel Gabriel comes down to earth to inform Mary that she's been knocked up. She takes this news surprisingly well, such that I'm beginning to doubt her virginal status. Here's a spot for those Artsie friends of mine who like to wax eloquently about stuff like Exploring Linear Perspective to click.

An Italian senator chained himself to a column near the gates of the Uffizi museum Monday to protest the loan of Leonardo Da Vinci's "Annunciation" for a show at Japan's National Museum in Tokyo.

Stay tuned for updates, such as "Famous painting to feature in Da Vinci Code Sequel!"

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