Hanabi vs Hanami.

花火 (Hanabi) is fireworks; 花見 (Hanami) is getting drunk under a blossomming cherry tree.
Hana-bi is a movie by "Beat" Takeshi Kitano; Hanami is where I was on Saturday night with one of my old co-house mates from my Hell House days.

Anne Frazer is one of the few with whom I still keep in touch. Maybe it's our mutual interest in Buffy, but anyway, she was in Tokyo and invited me to the hanami gig. Here is her limerick:

There's some of those in other schools
And I think that they are real fools,
But thank goodness for Anne,
For she does what she can,
To pass on the words,"Buffy Rules!"

There were relatively few trees that had begun blossomming, but there were enough to ensure that several tarps-full of boozers attended. Everyone seemed to have a great time.

Our host was a self professed comedian and he was pretty funny, but he sure didn't like being upstaged by me.

The food was great and the booze plentiful. We could even order a pizza from a wandering vendor.

A nice surprise was an appearance by both my host, Mark, and a friend from my Soma days, Andy. They joined the conversation readily and had fun to boot.

Here's a few minutes from Hana-bi with some purty flowers and music:

Here's a few pictures of some of the stores in the Hanami-town of Kichijoji.

We left relatively early and went to Karaoke. But that's a post for another time.

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